Why Choose Us?


Hassle free service:

Using iSellMyiPhone gives you a hassle free quote and you don’t have to pay for shipping!  Once your quote is confirmed, we will email a prepaid shipping label with instructions on how to mail your iPhone to us.  As soon as we receive your iPhone, we will begin testing and issue payment as soon as possible.  The process takes about 72 hours once we receive your iPhone.

All data is wiped from your iPhone:

You can wipe your data from your phone by connecting to iTunes and restoring your phone to factory settings.  If you decide not to wipe the data from your device, we will do it for you once it arrives at our facility.  All data is completely eradicated from your device.

We will match or beat our competitors price:

Most similar companies low ball you on your used iPhone.  There are also many companies that give you a good price, however once the phone arrives at their facility, they will revise your quote and give you less than you originally anticipated.  We confirm every quote before you sending shipping labels so you can be sure that you will receive what you were originally quoted.  The only time a quote is ever revised is if the phone was not as you had originally described such as having liquid damage or major issues.

Our goal is to pay you the highest price possible so you can offset the cost of your new phone or put that money towards anything else.  If your iPhone still has AppleCare warranty, let us know.  We can increase our offer based upon your warranty status.

Customer Satisfaction:

We strive to keep our customers happy.  Our turnaround time is typically 72 hours and we offer multiple methods of payment once your iPhone is tested.  We offer payment via check or PayPal.  A check does not incur any fees but can take up to a week to arrive, whereas a paypal payment is instant and incurs a 3% fee.

By having one of the highest customer satisfaction rates and offering top dollar for used iPhones, our customers keep coming back to us again and again when they upgrade their iPhone. Choose iSellMyiPhone to buy your used iPhone today!