If you want to sell iPhone 6, there are several options that you can check out. You can either sell it on eBay or Craigslist or choose to use the iPhone 6 trade in option. The following is a review on all these methods of selling your iPhone to determine which one is the best option.


Sell my iPhone on eBay – Advantages

iphone 6 trade inChoosing to sell my iPhone on eBay has several advantages including:

Easy to use – This site is very simple to use for selling your iPhone, and you can post your add quickly without any issues. Furthermore, users looking for people who want to sell iPhone 6 can be able to locate your product easily. After you receive the payment, you can then ship the iPhone to the buyer.

Access to many potential clients – There are millions of active clients on eBay who are looking for people who wish to sell iPhone 6. This increases the chances of getting a willing buyer. However, you must price your phone correctly to be able to attract interest.

Global reach – When selling on eBay, you are not only selling to people living in your country, but also people all over the world. You can easily reach global markets, provided you also include the cost of shipping the product into your price.


Sell my iPhone on eBay – Disadvantages

You may not sell iPhone 6 – Sometimes it can be hard for you to effectively manage to sell your phone on eBay due to the numerous joy bidders. These are basically the nonpaying bidders who just keep biding and yet they do not complete the deal and make a payment.

The eBay marketplace favors buyers and not sellers – Over time, eBay has increasingly made it hard for sellers to sell iPhone 6 on the platform by introducing policies that favors the buyers. For instance, buyers have the ability to give negative feedback about the service they gained from you, even when you are not to blame. Many sellers have even opted to do an iPhone 6 trade in with a good firm to ensure that they get money quickly.

Hard to sell – Unfortunately, there has been an increasing amount of scammers on eBay. These are people who are selling fake products and then shipping them. As a result, many people are very cautious about buying the iPhone 6 plus from eBay due to the anxiety that these scammers can steal their money. This adds up to an extended amount of time your advert just gets views but no conversions.


Can I do an iPhone 6 trade in instead?

The best option, therefore, to sell my iPhone, is to use the iPhone 6 trade in feature. This is where you get money from selling your used iPhones. Some of the major benefits of this approach include:

Sell my iPhone in a shorter time – When you use the iPhone 6 trade in feature, you will get rid of your broken or old iPhone immediately. There is no waiting for the right client to ask about you your phone since you will just need to describe its condition and quickly get your money.

Get paid even if it is broken – It is always possible for your iPhone to encounter accidents, whether falling down and developing cracks on the screen or falling in water. Rather than just throwing it away in the trash, you can use an iPhone 6 trade in service to get money even if the phone is not functioning at 100%. There’s no buyer on eBay or Craigslist, who can offer you that benefit.


Tips to ensure a smooth iPhone 6 trade in

Do some research about buyback services that offer an iPhone 6 trade in service. Do not just jump at the first company you find that offers you the most money. Ensure that the site is professional and trustworthy. Check client testimonials, BBB accreditation, and reviews to better understand what the company is all about. Being offered attractive cash payments only counts when it is coming from a trusted source.

Consider how long the iPhone 6 trade in is going to take. While some companies over great payments, they don’t arrive in a timely manner. In addition, watch out for companies who use bait and switch tactics to attract users by offering higher prices for the iPhone 6 trade in, but once they get the client’s phone, they reduce the price.


Why you should use our iPhone 6 trade in service

iSellMyiPhone offers a professional iPhone trade in service that is unique from other services on the internet. What makes us unique is that we like to ask you more questions than our competitors about the functionality and condition of your phone. This ensures that we can provide with a more accurate quote while still offering you the maximum value for your device. In addition, we are a BBB accredited business, and we are committed to high professional standards. Contact us today for a trade in.